Our MyLite™ Story

It all started in 2016 with my granddaughter.  She was scared at night.  She didn’t feel comfortable with the dark and night lights were not helping they were actually keeping her up.  I wanted to find a way that I could help her and I knew that lots of other children and their parents were struggling with night time issues as well.

So I had this idea come to me.  Why not make a hands free light she can wear on her wrist that she could control and would turn off automatically after she fell asleep?  I shared my vision with industry experts and together we designed and created MyLite™ right here in North America.  After the public tested our prototypes more than just children started to use them.  Adults of all ages began to use MyLite™.  Turns out we all can use a little hands free light that doesn't distract us or worse signal the brain that it's time to wake up.  Older adults who each night are frequently going to the bathroom loved MyLite™.  Parents who need to check on the children at night, feeding or changing a baby loved MyLite™.  So many more night time uses were shared with us.  We knew that MyLite™ would help families everywhere.  The need for light is universal.  We look forward to making night time safer and happier for everyone.