How is MyLite™ turned on?
MyLite™ features an easy one button operation that activates a low, high and off setting.

How long will a charge last?
It depends on usage, however MyLite™ can last a month before the low battery indicates a charge is needed.

What’s the wristband made out of?
It is made out of flexible medical grade PVC. Place the long side of the strap across the wrist for easier fastening.

How long will it take to fully charge the battery?
A full charge takes approximately 3 hours.

Once the low battery indicator signals, how long before the battery runs out of power?
MyLite™ will operate for approximately 5 minutes after the low battery indicator turns on.

How long will MyLite operate before it turns off automatically?
MyLite will operate for 30 minutes before it automatically turns off.

How do I care for MyLite?
MyLite has a rugged design, and takes minimal care to keep in working order which includes regular charging and storage in a safe dry place, as MyLite is not waterproof. When not wearing MyLite keep it fastened to promote the band conforming to your wrist.

What is my size?
Mylite comes in two sizes. Large and small. (Jr. is considered small).

If your wrist measures (6 Inches) or more, your size is large. If less Jr. and Small is your size.

How is low battery shown?
The device signals by blinking.

Do you ship outside of Canada? 

Where is it charged?
MyLite can be charged from any devices USB port or wall outlet USB adaptor.

What is the warranty?
MyLite comes with a one year limited warranty from manufacturer defect or part failure under normal use.  MyLite will become a trusted, reliable light source when properly cared for.

Warranty Details: Repairs are not performed on MyLite.  Forcing it open will void your warranty.  A new MyLite is sent under warranty once the defective product is returned and inspected.  The warranty is void under the following circumstances, if water is introduced into the MyLite circuitry. If MyLite has been crushed or broken. The warranty does not include wear to the graphics on the bezel of the product.


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