"MyLite makes checking on my kids at night easy and discrete. My kids share a room and when one needs my attention I can tend to their needs without disturbing the other."
Emily K.

"The other night I needed to adjust where my son was sleeping on his bed because he was eventually going to roll off the bed. It was so nice to have Mylite to help me see what I was doing. I didn't have to juggle a phone light, which is often too bright, or guess where I was moving him because it was too dark. Mylite made it quick and easy and I didn't even wake him up."
Carolyn H.

"Getting up through the night with my newborn used to have me stumbling around in his room. But now, with MyLite I can nurse with a gentle light that lets me see what I’m doing but doesn’t wake him up."
Stephanie T.

"I love having a light on me for when I go to the bathroom at night. No more searching clumsily for my phone."
Terry F.

"Trying to find anything in my purse is a guessing game but the other day I thought to use MyLite while I looked through it and it was great! It lit up the whole inside of my purse and I found what I was looking for so much faster!!"
Louise M.

"I'm amazed at how much I use MyLite. It's great especially when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and not wake myself up or smash my foot into my bed."
Allan B.

"I was recently watching my grandchildren and MyLite was a big help on two nights.  My granddaughter is a little on the nervous side and with her parents away that sense of nervousness was a little more elevated.  I had bought her MyLite hoping it would calm her anxiety and help her get to sleep.  After the bedtime routine I showed her how easy it was to work.  She laid down, turned it on and no fuss.  She was calm and asleep in 10 minutes.  She went to sleep like a dream the whole time I was there and wouldn’t go to bed without it.

The second time MyLite helped was when my Granddaughter had a bed wetting accident during the night.  She shares a room with her sibling and MyLite was terrific while I changed the sheets and my granddaughters pajamas.  The younger sibling  never even stirred and my granddaughter (and I) got back to sleep in record time.

Thanks MyLite!"
Sarah B.

"While away on holiday we stayed at a house with a dark bedroom and a long hallway to the bathroom.  When we’ve stayed there in the past I had to put a nightlight on.  I sleep better in a dark room and I don’t sleep well with a traditional nightlight.  Having been given a MyLite as a gift I put it to the test.  I put it on before bed and when I needed a bathroom break through the night it safely guided me down the hallway and back and I was asleep again within minutes.  It’s great and I would and have recommended MyLite to my family and friends."
Lee M.